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Alarm-clock Britain!

February 7, 2012

Last year a friends son was petitioning for an alarm clock. His father declined the request on the grounds that he would inevitably be in the working world sooner or later and one would then be obligatory.


This brought to mind the late summer of 1978, when I lived in London. It was the aftermath of the Jubillee year and Punk Rock and Arts and Music were flourishing. I travelled to Brixton one afternoon to visit a Sculptress i new. She had a studio in a derelict building. When I got there I found she shared the space with a group of performance Artists. Their conceptual manouveres consisted of lying for a sleep on an old mattress fully clothed in business suits and bowler hats and on the prompt of a large noisy alarmclock going off they all lept to their feet and rushed out of the door of the studio. I gathered this was repeated every day and probably filmed. Fairly prescient in the light of the fact that we increasingly rely on this abrupt call to earn a crust. Except that hardly anyone wears a bowler now……