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July 13, 2011

Most Saturdays in the early 1960’s we set off in the black zephyr family car for Beatties department store in Wolverhampton.  It was avery fine shop with everything under one roof.  Granny and mum wore their best suites and hats and I invariably felt carsick, riding in the back with an all pervading scent of facepoder and perfume whafting over me.  My determination to spend as much time in the basement where the toy section was, undetered, I would choose at least a new outfit for tressy or some American insired plastic toy.  Once we lost sooty and dad said low and behold, there he is on the top shelf , we had better take him home with us!  Upstairs on the top floor, and past the ladys hat department where mum lingered, looking absurd in a selection of 60’s modes pulled from wooden drawers, was the Rocking Horse.  There I was placed whilst more clothes were tried on and Grandad chatted to Mr Beattie, an old friend.  I dont know what they discussed,but this took sometime and seemed to be very important..perhaps we got a discount.  Then a milkshake of enormouse proportions in the restaurant and finally a trip to the very top to settle our account with the lady at the hatch.  Once we saw Frank Ifield and were offered his autograph.  I declined, as I only new the Beatles were famous..he must have been insulted!  On the way home I would play with my purchases in the car..unwrapping Sinys outfits and trying them on was usualy that.  Exhausted from their trip, the adults probably made an easy tea..sandwiches I think , as we usualy had Plaice and Chips at Beatties to make a day of it…there were many of these trips, but they all merge into one occasion in my mind..the familys day out to Wolverhamton